Aug 12, 2010

How to Use Bluetooth to Send Free Messages :-

I would like to introduce a new mobile application, Blue Shoot , for my readers. Blue Shoot is a program for cell phones and PDAs with you can send messages via Bluetooth to other mobile phones, PDAs, laptops or desktop PC.
There is no need to install Blue Shoot on these devices,
but Bluetooth is turned on and be visible in the active mode! Blue
Shoot is free and runs a variety of modern, but also of older phones
that support Java and Bluetooth on. Blue Shoot sends your message in
the format of a business card.

Download Blue Shoot

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Free HootSuite Mobile Application for Android phones:-

The professional Twitter client HootSuite is now available for Android phones.
HootSuite already launched an iPhone App and now they released HootSuite for Android and iPhone Lite versions at no cost from the Android Market and Apple App Store respectively.

Key Features

  • Managing multiple identities and accounts

  • Creating custom views for tags and searches

  • Understanding reasons for trending topics

  • Scheduling messages for the future

  • Adding followers to lists and accounts

  • Sharing photos and shortening URLs

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Download Skype for Nokia Phones

 Skype released limited beta of upcoming Symbian phones client, Skype for Symbian.
Symbian is the world's most popular mobile operating
system,widely used on Nokia mobile phones.Skype for Symbian works over
Wifi or 3G data connection.

Key Features

* Free Skype-to-Skype calling

* Call phones with Skype credits or subscription

* Receive calls on your Online Number

* Instant Messaging

* Group conversations

* File sending and receiving

Skype for Symbian beta

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Orkut for Android Application

 Orkut is now available on mobile phones with Android. To install the
orkut for Android application visit Android Market from your Android
device and search for "orkut" under the social applications category.

Key Features

  • Orkut friends live folders, lets you communicate with your friends in a single click.

  • Photo uploads to your orkut albums

  • Get notifications on your Android device


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Aug 11, 2010

Download BOLT 2.1 to Get Facebook chat on Mobile Phone 

Bitstream has released its new version of free downloadable browser Bolt with advanced features.

Key Features of BOLT 2.1

  • Facebook chat

  • Stream Flash video from popular video streaming sites including the BBC and YouTube

  • Fully supports HTML5 video

  • Updated webkit engine.

Bolt 2.1 is now available to download from

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Get Yahoo Messenger on Your Mobile.

messenger is a funny way to interact with our friends. If you are more
addicted to chat, you can hangout with your buddies 24x7 with yahoo
messenger on your mobile.

Log on via SMS

To Sign in to Yahoo! Messenger via SMS, type in [Yahoo! ID] [password]
on your mobile phone and send it to 58242. Once you have successfully
signed in, you will receive a list of your online friends.To send a
message, type in your friend's Yahoo! ID followed by the message in
this way: "to [Yahoo! ID] [message]". To Sign out, type OUT and send to

Log on via Wap

From your GPRS phone go to Internet>Go to Address> and enter the url:

Log on via Mobile Applications

You can also access your yahoo messenger via mobile applications too. Here are some of them.




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Aug 8, 2010

Skyfire Released 2.2 for Android (Beta)

Skyfire 2.2 beta for Android is available in the Android Marketplace and the full version number is

  • Skyfire now supports the HTML5 GeoLocation feature.

  • When searching with Skyfire several result options are available, such as Google, Videos, Trends, Twitter and Amazon.

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