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Android the best operating system ever to be assumed on using have also have some threats . What are these threats . Let's have a look on them.

1. Anti-Malware :- After being getting out from PC anti-virus but still not completely , now there is a threat in using Android . The fake anti-virus trend sweeping the PC world has now emerged for Android as well .

Solution:-Hackers prey on user emotions like fear – don’t assume that security apps are legitimate. Check out sellers and read reviews. Enterprises should go further by testing apps in a lab environment, then using an MDM to suggest or auto-install verified safe apps on employee Androids.

2. Unsafe Surfing :- Do you surfing on Android O.S is safe . If you think this , then you are wrong. So be safe while surfing on Android . Thomas Cannon reported an Android 2.2 browser flaw that could give hackers full SD card access.

 Recently, Google fixed an Android Market cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability that enables arbitrary code execution. Unfortunately , Android users can't surf freely .

3. Fake/Nosy Apps :- Recently with the launch of Android the apps related to Android is increasing in advance . Hence be careful while using the apps on Android .

Android apps must request permissions during installation – users need to seriously review those requests, exercise caution, and avoid apps that seem too nosy. 

4. SMShing :-  This phishing variant uses texting to trick smartphone users into visiting fraudulent or malicious links. Hackers are now being drawn to Android’s popularity and openness. 
For example, last summer, unlucky SMS recipients were invited to download Trojan-SMS.Android O.S. Fake Player, a free Movie Player. Once installed, Fake Player started texting premium-rate numbers, without user knowledge, ringing up huge bills. 

To block potentially-costly texts, users can add SMS controls such as SMS Link Guard. Enterprises may also consider using a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) that can monitor Android wireless expenses (e.g., SMS, roaming).

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SPICE Launched Projector Phone M-9000 Popkorn | Projector Phone M-9000 |Projector Phone | M-9000 Popkorn Spice Popkorn Projector M9000 Unveiled

SPICE mobile in this heavy competition in Indian Mobile market launched its Ace phone M-9000 popkorn projector phone .Why this phone is called Projector Phone because it has the most latest and exciting feature of a projector. This is the next level in mobile technology which would make other brand to think about there technology.

A handset with an in-built projector to project the phone’s content on a large screen. Now project presentations, movies, pictures or even live TV in a larger-than-life size!

  • The Unique Projector Feature 

  • Project movies, live TV, videos, presentations or images

  • Analog TV - Live TV on your phone

Spice Projector Phone

  • Document Viewer & Laser Pointer View various office docs on your handset

  • Camera 3.2 MP

  • Video Player supporting 3gp, mp4, avi, flv, rm & rmvb formats

M-9000 popkorn
  • WAP/GPRS/EDGE/JAVA - Surf Internet any time .


1. PRICE :-
  • MRP Rs. 6,699/-

  • In Color - Black

2. General :
  • Dimensions 119.2 * 50.3 * 17.35

  • Weight 123g

  • Talk Time Up to 3.5 hrs.

  • Stand By Time Up to 300 hrs.

3. Phone Book Capacity - 1500 

4. Messaging :-
  • SMS & MMS


5. Applications :-
  • Java , Games & Calculator 

  • FM Radio & Recorder

  • Wireless FM

6. Connectivity :-
  • WAP , GPRS & Bluetooth

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