Nov 19, 2010

7 Steps to Discovering Your Passion

Steps to Discovering Your Passion:-

Even before
the first tip, you simply must get out a notebook, journal, piece of
paper, napkin...SOMETHING to write on to save your discoveries! These
tips will only help if you pursue them, so please either take a moment
to find writing tools NOW or print this out and promise yourself to
complete this exercise later. It may take you some thinking time to get
it done......and are your tips.....

1. Find Your Joy Factor Look at the whole of your life history. When did
you experience the most sustained period of Joy? What were you doing
then? Where were you? Who were you with? How did it feel?

2. What Are Your 3 Most Favorite things to do? If you had a
free day with NO commitments, where would you be found? What would you
be doing with whom?

3. In what area do you excel? (NO MODESTY ALLOWED HERE!)Truly, what are you complimented on a lot? This could be ANYTHING.

4. What do you most want to be remembered for? If you were
designing your epitaph, what would you want it to say? (NOT what your
Mom wants, or your SPOUSE wants or your third cousin twice removed, but
what do YOU want your headstone to say?)

5. If you had a magic wand, what would you change about your
life TODAY? How would it look compared to how it looks now? Which
aspects of your life ARE changeable, both short term and long term?

6. How does your Joy factor overlap with your favorite things
and the areas in which you excel? Do the areas in which you excel bring
YOU joy, or are they really for someone you see which are
obvious matches, and which do not fit? Those that overlap, that bring
YOU the most Joy, are most likely the things that would bring you into
Passionate Living.

7. What is the first even teeny tiny step you can take to
living out your Passion as you have defined in #6? Take some time to
really think this one through... concentrate and focus, and then you
will be able to start the next step...BUILDING YOUR ROADMAP. 

Steps to Discovering Your Passion:-

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If you are not enjoying the ride - Then get off the Bus!

If you are not enjoying the ride - Then get off the Bus!

Life is too short to be wasted doing things you don't enjoy. Doing what you enjoy offers you your best chance of SUCCESS!

 IF you find yourself stuck in a job you hate, and if
wealth and fame look like distant dreams, you should hear the story of a
woman called Gail Kelly. It’s quite a fascinating story.

Gail is a 54-year old South African who has risen to become the CEO of
Australia’s largest Bank – Westpac.  She is one of the wealthiest people
in Australia today. But it wasn’t always like this.

Born in 1956, Gail had an ordinary upbringing, culminating in a degree
in Arts. At 21, she got married to her college sweetheart, and when his
work took him away to Zimbabwe, she moved too. They came back a year
later and Gail took up a job as a teacher in a government school.

All she remembers from those days was the bunch of difficult students
she had to manage. She vividly recalls getting angry with a kid who had
left his jersey inside a sports room she had just locked up. “I felt
ashamed of myself for screaming at the little kid.  I was allowing my
unhappiness to affect who I was!”

Next day, as she sat in the school bus, she wished the school didn’t
exist. She hated the thought of going back to school. She decided she
must do something. And she did.

She got off the bus

And that was the turning point in her life. She applied for and got a
job as a teller in a bank. She did well, and soon got promoted into a
role in HR. Some years later, at age 30, and pregnant with her first
child, she enrolled for an MBA. After completing that, she went back to
work for the same bank, and her career continued to zoom. She was soon
pregnant again – and was surprised to discover that she was carrying
triplets. Five months after the birth of her threesome, she was back at
work. Back to doing what she enjoyed doing.

To provide for a better future for their children, Gail and her husband
decided to migrate to Australia – at the age of  41. She went to work
for a bank there. And the rest as they say is history.

Gail credits her success in life to a lot of things: Passion. Hard work.
Her MBA degree. A supportive husband. Fabulous teams. But most of all,
she knows that none of this would have been possible if she had not
decided to quit her teaching job and ‘get off the bus’ that fateful day
in South Africa.  Gail’s story could be yours too. Even a school teacher
can become the CEO of the country’s largest bank. Just do what you
enjoy. Work hard. Believe in yourself. And don’t allow excuses (no MBA,
need to bring up kids, moving locations) to interfere with your

So what’s Gail’s message for her employees – and for all of us? It’s
simple. If you are not enjoying the ride – get off the bus. There might
be more fulfilling careers waiting for you.

Too many of us spend all our lives in jobs we hate. We hate every minute
of it, we complain, we show our bitterness, it affects our performance –
and yet we don’t do anything to change things. We lack the courage to
call it quits. We hesitate to get off the bus.

Life is too short to be wasted doing things you don’t enjoy. Doing what
you enjoy offers you your best chance of success. It also gives you the
strength to overcome all odds – like it did with Gail. And it’s never,
never too late to get off the bus!

So if you are not enjoying what you are doing, do a Gail Kelly. Take the first step.

Get off the bus!

If you are not enjoying the ride - Then get off the Bus!

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EXPLORE: Hot Jobs in the finance sector!

EXPLORE: Hot Jobs in the finance sector!

If you have a head for numbers and good interpersonal communication skills, the finance sector may be just the place for you.

GONE are the days when finance sector jobs were limited
to competing for a Probationary Officer’s post in a government-run
bank. Or becoming an Insurance agent of the monopolist LIC. Or toiling
to be a CA or CWA.

Today finance-related work clubbed under the Banking Finance Services
Insurance (BSFI) umbrella offers a multitude of job profiles. Take your
pick; they all come in well-crafted and defined verticals.

As MBA (Capital Markets) student Ashish Gupta rushes off to attend his
lectures for the day, the performance of bellwether stocks is playing on
his mind. The second-year student of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai is now focused on acclimatising himself with Money Market mantras.

Ashish, 25, belongs to a new generation of professionals, for whom
traditional sectors like engineering, medical, hotel management, even IT
hold no charm. The BFSI has captured their fancy.

BFSI Calling

Projected Human Resource Requirement between

2008 and 2022 (in ‘000s)


















Mutual Funds*













Jobs in millions

Industry experts believe that the pace at which the BSFI industry is
growing, it will yield a plethora of employment opportunities. It is
likely to employ 8.4 million people, according to an ICRA Management
Consulting Services report. Credit rating agency ICRA,
states in the interim report: “The incremental human resource
requirement between 2008 and 2022 is expected to be about 4.2 million”
(view table BFSI Calling).

Titled ‘HR and Skill Requirements in the Banking, Financial Services and
Insurance Sector (till year 2022),’ the report includes contractual
employment figures too. Besides on-roll employment, contractual
employment spans across all sectors through intermediaries like Direct
Selling Agents (DSA), Insurance Agents and Mutual Fund Advisors.

The finance sector gets bullish

The major segments of the BFSI - Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets –
are abuzz with activity, which has built up since the de-regularisation
in 1991. Even though the global financial turmoil of 2008 rattled the
domestic BFSI a bit (due to the sub-prime mortgage crash in the US), the
recovery in India was fast. The Banking and Insurance contributed 6
percent of GDP during the year ended 2008.

Atul Kanwar abandoned his media-marketing job to start afresh in this
field and IT engineer Ashish took up a diploma in capital markets. “I
will make career in investment banking,” he shares his future plans.
Capital markets backed by foreign investment inflows, have gained
traction, and terms like bear and bull markets, volatility index, invest
and re-deem, no longer sound alien.

A successful career in finance requires a head for numbers. While an MBA
is the preferred credential for entry, even a graduate could apply for
the sales and marketing function.

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LIC: Recruiting 734 Direct Sales Executives in West Zone

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the largest state-owned
life insurance company in India. It is recruiting 734 graduates for the
position of direct sales executives in the western zonal office.

  • Recruitment at :  Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC)

  • Position: Direct Sales Executives

    Total no. of positions: 734

    Area of work: Western Zonal Office

    No. of vacancies in the following locations:

    • Gandhinagar - 122

    • Goa – 147

    • Nadiad Nadiad – 117

    • Nashik – 130

    • Rajkot Rajkot – 93

    • Vadodara – 125

     Age:  21 years of age and not more than 35 years of age as on November 1, 2010


    • Bachelor Degree or Diploma in Marketing /Management

    • Good working knowledge of English and also one Regional language preferably local language is desirable.

    • Knowledge of soft skills such as Power Point / Word / Excel would be additional advantage.

    Selection process: On the basis of written test and interview.

    How to apply: Click here to download application form in the prescribed format.

    Application fee: For all candidates (other than SC/ST category)
    Rs.100. The application fee shall be paid by Demand Draft only (valid
    for six months) favoring “Life Insurance Corporation of India” and
    payable at (Respective Divisional Headquarters) Candidate’s name and
    date of birth should be written on the reverse of the Demand Draft.

    SEND the application form to any of the following address:

    Sr. Divisional Manager,

    LIC of India,

    Gandhinagar Divisional Office,

    Jeevan Prakash,

    Behind Telephone Exchange,

    Sector 11,

    Gandhinagar 382 017.


    Sr. Divisional Manager,

    LIC of India,

    Nashik Divisional Office,

    Jeevan Prakash,

    P.O.Box No. 410,

    R.G.Gadkari Chowk,

    Nashik 422 002.


    Sr. Divisional Manager,

    LIC of India,

    Goa Divisional Office,

    Jeevan Vishwas,

    Plot No. 2,

    EDC complex,

    Patto, Panjim,

    Goa 403 001.


    Sr. Divisional Manager,

    LIC of India,

    Rajkot Divisional Office,

    Jeevan Prakash,

    P.O.Box No. 208,

    Tagore Marg,

    Rajkot 360 001.


    Sr. Divisional Manager,

    LIC of India,

    Nadiad Divisional Office,

    Jeevan Prakash,

    Pij Road,

    Nadiad 387 002.


    Sr. Divisional Manager,

    LIC of India,

    Vadodara Divisional Office,

    Suraj Plaza II, 4 th 6 th 7 th


    Sayaji Ganj,

    Vadodara 390 005.

    Application deadline: 2 December, 2010

    Click here for details


LIC: Recruiting 734 Direct Sales Executives in West Zone

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Anti-iPhone to Hit Mobile Market

Anti-iPhone to Hit Mobile Market

 Looking for the simplest handset? You can choose the anti-iPhone. It
is a mobile device that does not offer a frills approach. Moreover, you
will not find a screen.

The mobile device is called John’s Phone. In fact, the handset offers
almost anything. You will not be able to get access to the Internet,
send text messages and even store MP3s. As a matter of fact, the handset
is enabled with just one function, such as to receive as well as make

The mobile device was created by Dutch designers of John Doe. It is
hoped that the handset will be popular among children as well as

According to Diedriekje Bok, a designer, although one can find
various handsets that offer a range of capabilities, it was decided to
create a simple gadget.

The handset comes in a toy-like appearance. Apart from that one can
notice large buttons along with cute characterized call keys. Also the
handset comes with a paper phone book, which you can find attached on
the back of mobile device.

Also the handset has an iPhone-destroying battery life that needs one charge that lasts more than 3 weeks.

John’s Phone is offered for £57. But if you want to buy a green or pink model, you will have to spend £67.

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Tata DoCoMo unveils aggressive 3G tariffs

Tata DoCoMo, which became
the first private operator to introduce 3Gservices, today announced an
aggressive tariff plan that targets a substantial conversion of its 2G
customers.Under most of the plans, 3G customers will effectively
pay 0.66-1.1 paisa

a second for a voice call, which is roughly the same
as the 1 paisa a second that Tata's 2G customers currently pay.
But they will also get
between 250 MB (enough to watch 3 hours of TV) and 2GB (23 hours of TV)
of data, depending on the package they buy. Price plans start at Rs 500
to a maximum of Rs 2,000 a month for mobile services.

For the
first time, Tata's price plans will not differentiate between pre-paid
and post-paid customers. However, there is one special plan for pre-paid
customers at Rs 350 a month for 500 minutes of talk time (local and
STD) and 150 MB of data.

Existing Tata customers who want to try
out 3G without shifting from 2G completely can add data by forking out
Rs 200 for 200 MB or Rs 500 for 650 MB. "Our pricing is competitive and
we are confident the consumer will see value in the packages we are
offering," said Deepak Gulati, executive president, mobility business
division, Tata Teleservices

Price (Rs) Free monthly
3G data
350* 500 150 MB
500 750 250 MB
750 1,250 500 MB
1,000 2,000 1 GB
2,000 5,000 2 GB
*only prepaid

the target group for 3G services ranges from mid- to high-end
subscribers, Tata expects to see average revenue per user (Arpu)
increase over time. "For an aggressive user, who downloads one movie
every day, spends on telecom may increase by 10-15 per cent if they
avail of 3G services," Gulati added.

Of course, state-owned BSNL
on the other hand does not have comparable offers as it does not bundle
voice and data services under one tariff. So, for instance, subscribers
have to pay between 49 paise and Rs 1 a minute for a voice call. But for
data usage on 3G, it charges Rs 549 for 1 GB of data.

Gold still a better option

this may be half of what Tata charges, if you add the cost of 2,000
minutes of voice that Tata bundles its value comes to around Rs 1,000
(at 50 paise a minute). On BSNL, you have to pay additionally for this
talk time.

BSNL charges also taper off as usage increases. For Rs
999, BSNL offers 10 GB. It also offers unlimited download for Rs 1,359 a
month. But, again, voice is extra.

MTNL, which provides 3G
services in Delhi and Mumbai, charges Rs 450 for 1 GB of data and
reduces prices progressively as usage goes up. For 2 GB, it charges Rs
750 and for 25 GB, Rs 2,500.

Graphic: Indo-US agreements

the Tata bundled offer looks attractive, telecom watchers say
subscribers have to make a large upfront commitment for 3G every month.

all, with Arpus in the country averaging Rs 140 a month, Tata is asking
customers to commit nearly double to triple that amount for 3G. So, the
promised shift of customers will also be slow, say analysts.

also point out that Tata's 3G pricing does not offer any incentive for
higher usage, which is a norm internationally. "It is strategic
behaviour. They are trying to recover costs. But at the same time, it is
a signal to competitors: if you are smart, you will charge the same,"
said Alok Shende, principal analyst, Ascentius Consulting.

need not be competition. 3G is not a mass market. Tata could also be
testing prices and may bring them down if competitors reduce prices,"
Shende added.

Kamlesh Bhatia, principal analyst, Gartner, felt
that taking into consideration the licence fee and spend on the
infrastructure, Tata's pricing seems competitive.

Tata DoCoMo
launched 3G services on Diwali in nine circles: Karnataka, Kerala,
Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana,
Madhya-Pradesh-Chhattisgarh and UP (west).

Along with packages
for data usage on mobile handsets, Tata launched five plans for 3G data
services, or dongles, for laptops and other devices with assured speeds
up to 15 GB of data.

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Airtel gets a new look with the new Logo, Airtel 3G service on the way

Airtel gets a new look with the new Logo, Airtel 3G service on the way:-

 The New Logo of Airtel 2010 has been launched just before the release
of the 3G service in India by the end of this year. Till date Bharti
Airtel is the largest private telecom company in India. This new logo is
meant to promote the company’s brand to greater heights in the
corporate realm. The company will also launch the 3G service by the end
of this year.
In New Delhi this new logo was unveiled at an event. The company’s
plan to expand to new horizons is quite evident. Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal
and Shah Rukh Khan spoke regarding the 3G service in this event. The
new plans include a new signature tune from A.R. Rahman. In the telecom
sector Airtel now represents an international stature and now their
services also include 3G service

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If Indian exports rise, 7.5 million jobs may be created here every year, says WTO's Pascal Lamy

If Indian exports rise, 7.5 million jobs may be created here every year, says WTO's Pascal Lamy:-

 The impasse over the World Trade Organization’s
(WTO) Doha round of trade talks may be resolved in the next six months
as several countries have managed to sort out some of their differences.

“We feel that if countries manage to resolve
their differences within next six months, we have a great possibility
of reaching to an agreement by the end of 2011,” Pascal Lamy, WTO
director general, said in Delhi on Friday. “Some differences still
persist but we are hopeful it will be resolved by the middle of next

Expansion of trade has generated jobs across
the globe, Lamy said, emphasizing the need to break the stalemate.
About 14 million jobs were created directly or indirectly in India as a
result of increased exports between 2003 and 2008, he said.

“If the Indian merchandise exports grow at
an average of pre-crisis level, 7.5 million jobs will be created in the
country every year,” he added.

A 10 per cent increase in total trade cuts
unemployment by about 1 per cent, according to a report on the benefits
of trade for employment prepared by the Organisation for Economic
Cooperation and Development, the International Labour Organisation, the
World Bank and the WTO.

World trade talks have been struck on the
contentious issue of subsidies and trade barriers. Developing countries
led by India, China and Brazil have been demanding reduction of
agricultural subsidies by developed countries, while the developed
countries want developing countries to reduce tariff barriers on many
products, including those on agricultural produce.

The standoff between the two sides has led
to fears that the Doha round will be a failure. “Any failure in the Doha
round would certainly weaken the only institution which governs the
rules of world trade and has the ability to adjudicate in the event of
disputes between countries,” said Lamy.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X12 Reviewed: Not a Galaxy S Killer

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X12 Reviewed: Not a Galaxy S Killer:-

 The rumored Sony Ericsson XPERIA X12 Mobile-Review,
whose fame came from being the first site to review a prototype of the
Nokia N8 long before the Symbian^3 powered device was made available for
sale. According to Mobile-Review, the XPERIA X12 is not intended as a
Galaxy S killer and offers refinements over the company’s XPERIA X10
handset, which also runs on the Android operating system:


Some of the leaked features of the device are far from true since Sony
Ericsson’s attempt was never to create a Galaxy S “killer” or a high end
device from a hardware point of view. It is rather an attempt to
improve the design and features standard set with X10. For that purpose
the device got thinner, lighter, with a larger display, this time
supporting multitouch out of the box and with some improvements to the
camera and interface.


Whether the same smoothness in operation will continue to the device’s
final build is unknown as the model that was tested was running on a
vanilla build of Android sans any customizations from Sony Ericsson.
With the Android operating system, manufacturers like
Sony Ericsson
usually add on user interface enhancements, widgets, and pre-loaded
applications to enhance the user experience. If the UI isn’t optimized
to handle the proprietary additions, the system may slow down. As
reviewed, the unit had Android 2.1 loaded, which was the edition of
Android that came before the Froyo version (2.2). Mobile-Review believes
that the production unit will come with Android 2.2 and will therefore
enable Adobe Flash 10.1 support.

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BlackBerry Phones are in the new shapes

BlackBerry Phones are in the new shapes

It is well known to all of you that BlackBerry serves the whole world
with its latest technical trend. The production range of this company is
going to break all the previous records that are being held by other
manufacturing merchants.
BlackBerry Phones are remained the choice of elite class people.
Basically the business class people prefer the BlackBerry phones just
because of their various extra-ordinary features. Those features and
applications are immensely conducive to them in the field of business.
Those features help in a greater way. But the situation has been
altering slowly and gradually. Even common people are becoming
fascinated to the handsets. The devices are no more restricted only to
the high class people. You can avail those at a cheap rate. It is only
happened by the introduction of numerous mobile phone deals. These
mobile phone deals are thrown to the needy customers by the leading
network service providers such as Vodafone, virgin, T-Mobile, Orange, O2
and Three.


It is well known to all of you that BlackBerry serves the whole world
with its latest technical trend. The production range of this company
is going to break all the previous records that are being held by other
manufacturing merchants. You can witness a incessant flow of latest
mobile phone handsets of this BlackBerry mobile phone company. In the
new handsets you will find a collection of mobile phones. They are Bold
9780, Style 9670, Curve 3G 9330, Curve 3G 9300, Torch 9800, Pearl 3G
9105, Pearl 3G 9100 and so many.

These mobile phone handsets are having the latest criteria of
features and applications. Some of the best features and applications
are the high mega pixel camera helps you in capturing amazing pics and
videos with great resolution. Even you can make video calling with the
secondary camera. The internal memory covers a huge space so that you
can go on keeping enormous data and documents according to you needs.
The music player is just phenomenal and you do not need to go for any
specialization. The other aspects like GPRS, OS, CPU,


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GSMA Plans Embedded SIM Cards

GSMA Plans Embedded SIM Cards:-

The venerable SIM card used in most of the
world’s mobile phones will get renewed life as an embedded SIM card that
can be remotely activated, according to the GSMA wireless phone trade
The GSMA envisions SIM cards being designed into a series of new form
factors for a generation of mobile communications that will likely speed
the nascent machine-to-machine (M2M) market. On Thursday, the GSMA
announced the formation of a task force to explore the phenomenon. 

The traditional SIM has been an important
innovation in mobile telephony and has provided many benefits to
consumers in terms of security, portability of contacts, and ease of
portability of devices across networks,” Rob Conway, GSMA CEO and board
member, said in a statement. “As our industry moves from connecting
phones to connecting a wide range of devices, it is apparent that the
embedded SIM could deliver even greater flexibility.”

The M2M market has been picking up steam in recent months and is
expected to grow more rapidly as remote sensor prices drop to the
five-cents-a-device range and as nanotechnology helps to create
automatic controls for gathering data from billions of wireless spots.
Conway added that embedded SIM cards also can be a boon for enabling new
services, such as e-Wallet and near field communication (NFC)

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Meet Malaika Arora Khan on you mobile phone!

Meet Malaika Arora Khan on you mobile phone!

 Malaika Arora Khan

knows how to keep her friends happy. And we guess it is her male
friends who are the happiest! The actress who is presently basking in
the glory of her ‘Munni’ act from the Bollywood blockbuster
film Dabangg, has always
maintained a very stylish appearance in public, taking care to choose
those sensual drapes to showcase her oh-so-lovely figure. But did you
think that you get to see the gorgeous Malaika Arora Khan only when she
steps out of her house at her fashionable best? Think again.

If reports circulating in the media are anything
to go by, you will be able to share the latest style sported by Malaika
Arora Khan on your mobile phones. Well, most of her fans will have to
wait since they do not feature on the contact list of her mobile phone.
But all of you who are lucky enough to be in the actress’ mobile circuit
can see Malaika by simply looking at their mobile screens. The news is
that Malaika Arora Khan constantly changes photos posted on her phone’s status, and she also makes it a point to post very hot pictures of her’s from time to time.

Many of her friends in Bollywood cannot help but praise the unique style adopted by Malaika Arora Khan in promoting her different style changes every once in a while.


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India, a Paradise or Battlefield for Mobile Carriers?

India, a Paradise or Battlefield for Mobile Carriers?

 India has been a popular destination for global telecom operators
seeking new sources of growth outside their saturated home markets. But
in the latest indication that challenges remain in this market,
Norwegian telecommunications operator Telenor said its Indian operation
is only likely to generate positive cash flow from 2014.

Telenor, which has presence in markets such as Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Thailand and Malaysia, entered the Indian market late last year and now
ranks seventh by the number of subscribers.

India’s less than 30 percent mobile penetration rate has attracted
many foreign telecom operators to the country. And yet, even the
country’s biggest mobile-phone operator by users, Bharti Airtel, is
looking beyond its home market for growth because of a fierce tariff war
and stalled revenue growth.

While Telenor’s head of Asia, Sigve Brekke, said he is optimistic
about growth in India, he remained tight lipped on the time frame for
when the firm might make a profit on a net basis from the country.

“India is the most competitive (telecom) market in Asia. Tough
competition makes the price very low. In order to make a profit, we have
to build up our business scale, expand our distribution channel and
implement a cost-efficient business model and dynamic pricing,” Mr.
Brekke said in an interview in Hong Kong.

Regulatory uncertainties are also clouding the outlook for Telenor’s Indian operations.

Mr. Brekke said India’s government is proposing some new rules on
mergers and acquisitions and spectrum allocation which make planning for
the future more difficult.

Telenor received operating licenses for 22 regions in India but it only received spectrum for 21 regions, said the executive.

The missing piece is New Delhi, the largest metropolis by area in
India. He said the company is applying for spectrum in Delhi and it
hopes to get the spectrum as soon as possible.

But  India’s telecom regulator Thursday proposed canceling 62
licenses of five telecom operators, including the Indian joint venture
of Telenor as a new crisis looms in a sector that has seen its minister recently resign over allegations he mishandled the allocation of spectrum to new players in January 2008.

Telenor’s Indian unit, Uninor, which launched operations late last
year, posted an operating loss of NOK1.13 billion (US$185.7 million) in
the third quarter. The company has launched telecom services in 13
regions in India and it is on its way to roll out its network to the
rest, he said.

Despite difficulties, Mr. Brekke says he’s not giving up on India.


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Expedia Preparing to Enter the Mobile Booking Game

Expedia Preparing to Enter the Mobile Booking Game

 I don’t know why this race for dominance on  mobile in general between online booking services interests me, but it does. It’s just been disclosed that Expedia has bought mobile travel applications developer Mobiata – an iPhone-specialized company – for an undisclosed price. The company cites increased mobile traffic to their site as the sole factor in taking this initiative.

“With the pace at which mobile traffic to Expedia sites is exploding, we wanted the right team to help us address the sizable opportunity swiftly and successfully,” said Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia, Inc. “There’s simply no better company out there doing mobile travel apps with the same level of design sensibility and utility as Mobiata.”


   But it’s more than that. Nearly all of their major competitors are sitting on the Apple app store as quietly as they can as they’re being used every day by thousands of people. And the same picture is starting to come to form on Android. Kayak beat everyone to market as the first well-known travel site with an app, and they were alone for a while, but Price line and Orbit z decided to make their own moves recently (and on the same exact day, no less.) These companies foresee a busy holiday season, obviously, as mobile booking is quite the convenient utility for people who tend to have to change plans up on the fly.

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Riteish Deshmukh Signs Videocon Mobiles:-

Riteish Deshmukh|Videocon Mobiles|Videocon:-

After its launch in April this year,
Videocon Mobile Services (VMS), the 13th mobile operator in India, has
come up with its second ad campaign, featuring actor Riteish Deshmukh.

Kanwarbir Singh,
Head Marketing - Brand and Media, VMS reveals that the new campaign is
the end result of a syndicated research, which established that a
majority of prepaid users are worried about running out of talk-time
balance in the hour of need. This is the first time Riteish is endorsing
a product.

“Thank you all for
liking the Videocon mobile service ad - Yes, it’s the first brand I am
endorsing. Debut and ‘pet mein gud-gud’ at the same time,” tweeted
Riteish. Conceptualised by MWG TAG Ideation, five films titled Train,
Suhaag Raat, Snoring, Hospital and Bhoot are currently on air. Each ad
shows the significance of unlimited plans for SMS, STD and local calls
and Internet usage


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SIM cards to grow beyond mobile phones

SIM cards to grow beyond mobile phones

world's largest mobile phone network operators today revealed an effort
to expand the GSM wireless communications technology to navigation
devices, cameras, handheld gaming systems, music players, and more
starting in 2012.

 The GSM Association, the consortium
overseeing the widely used mobile phone network technology, said a task
force of members including AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, China Mobile,
and Deutsche Telekom has begun working on adapting SIM cards so they can

 embedded in many more devices than phones. SIM cards are small,
removable chips that provide phones an identity on GSM wireless
networks, but the embedded SIM will be more an intrinsic part of devices
and will be able to be activated remotely, the GSMA said.

GSM technology began its life as a technology for phone calls, but with
today's 3G and just-arriving LTE incarnations, it's used for data
transfer as well. The embedded SIM effort signals a further growth of
the GSM lineage beyond just voice needs

One trick will be to get new devices onto wireless networks without overtaxing the networks even more.
A camera uploading 100MB worth of photos from the trip to the zoo or a
media player downloading the new tunes and TV shows has the potential to
bring new, heavy data demands to networks, which today are struggling
to keep pace with new-generation smartphones. Still, it is possible that
those new devices would use the network more sporadically, helping
ultimately to bring more subscriber fees to fund carriers' network
construction and upgrades.

Another issue is battery life. Power concerns have helped keep Wi-Fi out
of many devices, such as cameras, since transmitting and receiving
radio signals requires energy. Adding wireless network connectivity also
increases the cost of the device along with whatever flat-rate or
subscription plans.

Finally, there are carrier issues that could play a role, depending on
how the wireless networking is implemented. Customers might not like
buying a wirelessly connected camera if it's locked to a particular
carrier's network, for example.

One specific use case the GSMA mentioned: electronic payments using
near-field communication (NFC) technology, in which payments can be made
by holding a device close to payment station that communicates
wirelessly. Presumably a network connection would help considerably in
processing the transaction in conjunction with a person's financial
institutions. A mobile phone, not some wirelessly connected music
player, would seem a more likely candidate for becoming an electronic
wallet. But not everyone has a phone, and embedded SIMs could make it
easier to make an e-wallet out of a device such as a child's
iPod that doesn't have telephone abilities.

Near-field communications are a hot area right now. Google CEO Eric Schmidt touted an upcoming Android phone that supports near-field communications, and there are rumors that next-gen iPhones could have NFC abilities, too. And U.S. carriers AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are building a mobile payment network called Isis to enable near-field communication payments.

"The embedded SIM will provide assured levels of security and
portability for consumers, as well as provide additional functionality
for enabling new services such as e-Wallet and NFC applications," Conway

On the embedded SIM task force to develop the technology are
representatives from some of the world's largest carriers: AT&T,
China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom Orange, KT, NTT Docomo,
SK Telecom, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Verizon Wireless, and Vodafone.
They'll cooperate with with SIM manufacturers, and plan to release an
analysis of market requirements by the end of January, the GSMA said.

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Spice launches QT-95, QT-68 phones for Indian market


Looks like Spice Mobiles is a harbinger of all things new in the Indian
mobile scene. After it came out with India's first 3D mobile,

Spice has
now launched the first 3G + 2G dual mode QWERTY phone, the QT-95. Along
with it, the company has launched another phone, the QT-68 that is
specially meant for social networking. The QT-95 is priced at 5,499 while the QT-68 sells for 4,999. 

The QT-95 is a dual SIM phone that supports both 2G and 3G through its
dual active mode. It has a 3.2MP camera and a front facing camera that
allows making video calls.

The QT-68 is a Wi-Fi and EDGE loaded phone and comes with various social networking features. It also sports a 3.2MP camera.

Both the phones have a Track Pad for browsing and support dual
expandable memory. They also come with other general features like
Stereo Bluetooth, java Support, Video Recording and Media Player.

Kunal Ahooja, CEO and Director, Spice Mobility said, "Spice Mobiles
always had a holistic approach towards driving the adoption of 3G in
India and we are delighted to bring QT- 95, a smart and premium phone in
Qwerty segment with 3G + 2G Dual Mode enabling the consumer faster
access to the net while he is on the go. Both QT- 95 and QT-68 are made
for the future trendy users." 

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LG launches latest smartphone

LG launches latest smartphone|LG LATEST PHONES|

 LG on Thursday launched its latest smartphone ‘Optimus
One' and announced plans to increase its mobile phone production
capacity from 60-lakh units a year to 1.50-crore by the end of 2011.

by the Android operating system, the new handset is priced at Rs.13,500
and comes with 8.1-cm display, 3MP camera and expandable memory up to

“Over the next six months, we will launch ten
more devices in the Optimus series, priced between Rs.8,000 and
Rs.30,000,” LG Electronics India Managing Director Moon B. Shin told
journalists here.

“Smartphones are poised to drive
growth in the India mobile market in the coming years and LG's focus on
innovation based on thorough consumer research places us squarely at the
forefront of that evolution.

Next year will be
acceleration phase for LG mobiles, and investments are aligned towards
taking at least 15 per cent of market share in the smartphone segment,”
he said. Stating that the company had identified mobile phones as a
strategic growth engine category, Mr. Shin said: “Keeping this in mind
we will increase the production capacity from 60-lakh units to
1.50-crore units by next year at the Pune plant.

also have an ambitious target of 80 per cent revenue growth in mobile
business by 2011. Our revenues from the mobile business will touch
around Rs.2,500 crore by next year.” “Our focus is to simplify
smartphones for consumers and give them experience on how applications
can improve life.

Simultaneously, we are looking at expanding the retail presence by 25,000 outlets and 500 LG exclusive LG mobile gallery.

year we plan to launch 55 new models, out of which 40 per cent will be
smartphones and our marketing investments would be aligned accordingly,”
said company Business Group Head (Mobile Communications) Vishal Chopra.

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