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Apr 30, 2011

Best Nude Beaches in the World

1. Leucate Plage, France
France is where it all started, and Leucate Plage is one of the classics. A kilometer’s worth of warm Mediterranean water and golden sand, with a view of the Pyrenees rising to the west. Naturism is well established here, with two nudist resorts sharing the beach along with a campground.
2. Abricó Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
In 2003, a ban on nudity was lifted after ten years, bringing naturists back in force to Rio’s only official nude beach, Praia do Abricó.
These days, the beach has its own naturist association to help ensure that the right to strip skivvies is preserved, and that visitors behave in a way befitting a place dedicated to the free and loose.
3. Uretiti Beach, Northland, New Zealand
Just north of Waipu, this section of beach along Bream Bay is officially designated clothing optional. People seem to like it as much for its name as anything else.
Sites are available just inland at the beach campground for $8/adult. You’ll have to throw some clothes on before walking back to your tent, though. Don’t want the family campers to freak.
4. Formentera Island, Spain
Ibiza would be an obvious pick for some naked sun time. But those after something a bit mellower should hop a boat and head six miles south to the smaller Formentera Island.
A new ferry line from the mainland has increased visitorship, but Formentera is still chiller than its party sister to the north. And nearly all of its white-sand beaches are set aside for the bare.

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