Mar 10, 2011


Whether you want to define a word, learn the name of a bone, practice your French, or prep for the SAT, iPhone has the smartest apps around.
 IPHONE is a kind of smartphone by which you can do anything related to entertainment , business, education etc. If you are interested in the science than here is the Top 5 Best Iphone Apps for Students.

1.   National Geographic World Atlas :

Discover the world.

Find even the most remote places on Earth with a few taps of the National Geographic World Atlas app. This pocket-size iPhone atlas features the same high-resolution images as the Society’s award-winning wall maps and bound atlases. 

iStudiez Pro : 

Make the grade

The award-winning iStudiez Pro lets you manage every type of school schedule, keep track of all your assignments, and stay on course for the next big exam. And you’ll always make it to class on time with multiple alarms and push notifications that display on your iPhone no matter what app you’re using. 

3. New Oxford American Dictionary :
Look it up.

You’ll never be at a loss for words with the New Oxford American Dictionary for iPhone. With more than 250,000 entries, 60,000 audio pronunciations, and a powerful search tool, even the most obscure words are just a few taps away. 

4. Periodic :

Go elemental.

Carry the entire periodic table of the elements wherever you go. Periodic uses the most accurate information from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry to organize the 118 elements by name, atomic number, chemical series, symbol, and phase. Just tap any element to learn more about it. 

5. Star Walk :                                                                                        

Reach for

the stars.

Star Walk’s built-in compass knows where you are in the universe. So when you tilt your iPhone to the sky, it follows your movements to show you what you’re seeing. You can even travel through time and see how the sky looked on your birthday — or how it will look years from now. 

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