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You may ask yourself, "Why should I clean my cell phone?" I can answer you with some reason. The first fact is that cleaning your cell phone will extend its life. The second  is that, by cleaning your cell phone, you will get it looking much shinier. Read more to know

 Once you buy a cell phone then you have to take care of to keep it new. There are many dust which enters into the phone , then phone doesn't perform better. Some of us want to clean their cell phones to keep it safe but don't know How To Clean Your Cell Phone. 

  1. First Remove External Parts:like the cover and the keypad. And then you can clean every part easily. In some models, the keypad can't be removed easily; don't remove it in this case. Only remove easily removable parts.

  2. Clean the outer shell first. This should gross you out enough to do a really good job on the inside. Depending on how long you wait in between cleanings, you may need more than one cleaning cloth.

  3. Clean the buttons. You can use this part to clean the buttons of your cell phone. You will discover the great difference after you finish the cleaning process.

  4. Clean your cell phone's screen. Now you have to clean the display screen. This part is different from the other parts of your cell phone, so I suggest you use a glass cleaner to clean this part. Don't use the rubbing alcohol to clean it; use a clean part of cloth for this.

  5. Clean the speaker area and the connectors. The speaker area can be also cleaned using the rubbing alcohol. 

  6. Purchase cleaning kit that is especially made for cell phones. Your cell phone manual should have cleaning suggestions as well as your provider if the alcohol and cotton swab is not working.

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Hello guys , Do you love your cell phone? I think, of course ,yes because you buy your phone after lots of choices . So to keep your phone new and cool look you have to care about it. You have to keep your cell phone new to sell it again at a good price.
One might want to change their phone because the technology with every newly launched phone has been advanced. Some person don't like their phone because they are bored with that phone.

If you are not bored with your current phone but want to change it because of it's old look than here is the solution to Make your Cell Phone Look New and keep it fresh.

Things To Make Your Phone Look New:-

1. Change the Body:-  Your phone look Old more because of their old body . The Body is the main part of mobile phone which gives the phone more cool look. So If you seen your phone Old than changed it's body .

2. Change the Keypad:-  The keypad is the another main part of phone. If you are chatting addict on a phone then good keypad is must for you . It gives you good feel while chatting and your phone a new look.

3. Cell Phone Lamination:-  Lamination is the another factor in keeping the cell phone new and fresh . So ,when you buy a costly phone or a Smartphone then lamination is the must . 

4. Cell Phone Cover:-  A cell phone cover is the be all and end all of cell phone protection. The right cover would provide the phone with the security against elements
 like use and weather and would even add some style quotient to the phone.

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