Nov 21, 2010

Sharp enters Indian market, launches 4 mobiles

Sharp enters Indian market, launches 4 mobiles:-

 Indian handset market continue to grow above its stupendous size with the emerge of new companies. The new kid entered to the highly competitive market is Sharp, a Japanese multinational corporation famous for its electronics products.

Sharp, on Friday, Nov 12, has launched four mobile phones namely, Alice, Blink, Tango and Cyborg. These mobiles provide dual SIM capacity, LCD touchscreen, FM radio and Bluetooth.

Another features include G-Sensor, social networking site shortcuts and LED illumination. It is expected that Sharp will launch more mobiles with features like glass-free 3D, 180 degree rotatable screens etc.

"Our handsets have been modeled keeping in mind the youth between the age group of 16-30 years in urban and semi-urban cities, who are stylish, on the move, confident, vivacious and above all want value for money," Kishlay Ray, General Manager, Marketing, Sharp Business Systems (India) said during the launch.

New Sharp mobiles will compete with other brands like Nokia, Samsung, Micro Max, Sony Ericsson, Zen etc. The price, full specification and availability of Sharp mobiles are yet to be announced. So stay tuned more updates.

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Love robots will end loneliness

Love robots will end loneliness:-

 A robot which can fall in love with its owner could help those suffering from loneliness, the Sun reported.

Funktionide, a pillow-like robot invented by German designer Stefan Ulrich, has special sensors that react to human touch to show when it is happy or in love.

Funktionide can wrap around its owner and even give them a cuddle. This conceptual shape-changing robot is used to relieve loneliness, using artificial muscle technology. Ulrich conducted research into plastics that change shape when an electric current is applied, called electro active polymers. Funktionide reacts to pressure, skin temperature and color to produce a response like a human reaction.

According to the Sun, Ulrich believes that one day robots could completely replace the need for a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

“People already bury themselves in possessions and shield themselves from real life with technology. So if robots and objects can fulfill all their emotional needs as well, why do they need other humans?” said Ulrich, the Sun reported.

In August, Telenoid R1 has been invented by Japanese Hiroshi Ishiguro. The robot represents the size of a small baby but has no arms or legs. Telenoid is a sensitive communication device, which the robot picks up the user’s movement through a webcam and then copies it.

“If a friend speaks from the telenoid, we can imagine the friend’s face on the telenoid’s face,” Ishiguro told the Daily Mail. “If we embrace it, we have the feeling, that we embrace the friend.”

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Australians don’t like the landline

Australians don’t like the landline:-

 New figures from the Australian Communications and Media Authority show more Australians are hanging up the land-line in favour of mobiles.The figures show about 14% of mobile phone users no longer use a fixed-line telephone at home. The survey profiled about 18,000 users.

Of those people choosing to hang onto their fixed lines, about 33% said it was cheaper and more convenient than mobiles, and 13% said it was because they offer better quality or a better service. About 7% said they keep fixed line for internet connections.

The ACMA figures show the number of fixed-line lines remained at 10.7 million since June 2000, but the number of mobile connections has increased by 16.2 million in the same amount of time.

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Nokia acknowledges N8 smartphone power problem

The world's leading mobile phone maker Nokia acknowledged on Friday some of its new flagship N8 smartphones, which it hopes will help re-take lost market share, are simply dying.
Some customers are reporting that their N8 turned off unexpectedly without any way to turn them back on, or refused to power on at all.

"It's a very small number of phones, we don't have exact numbers," company spokesman Tapani Kaskinen said.
The company said that complaints of the problems have emerged in the press in recent days, prompting Nokia to release a video interview Thursday with executive vice president Niklas Savander in which he said he was "concerned" about the flaw.
"We have dressed it down to the way we assemble the engines," Savander said, adding that the company has taken "precautionary measures" across their product line to weed out the problem.
The problem is covered by the phone's warranty, and if the original handset can't be fixed then the customer will be given a new one, Kaskinen said.
The N8, which is the company's first handset to run the Symbian 3 platform, was released in October.
It is the company's push to win back smartphone market share which has been pecked away over the past year by Apple's iPhone, Research in Motion's Blackberry, and handsets running Google's Android operating platform.
On Thursday, Fitch ratings agency downgraded Nokia to BBB+ from A-, citing a loss of overall market share as well as market share for the Symbian operating system.

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Kuch log peete hain gam bhoolane ko……

Kuch log peete hain gam bhoolane ko……

kuch log peete hain koi aur gam bhoolaane ko….

par ai dost ye kya………

hum to mahoal na milane ke gam mein peete hain…..

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 Hum Ruthe To – Friendship Shayari

Jaane Wale Aur Honge

Hum To Yahi Reh Jaenge
Paana Chahoge Hame Kabhi

Aas Paas Mil Jaenge
Aawaaz Doge Ek Baar

Kabr Se Bhi Uth Kar Aaenge

Mehfil Sazaa Kar To Dekho Hamaare Bagair

Joote Sar Par Tumhare Lagaenge

Ik Dosti Nibhani Sikhi Yaara

Is Daulat Ko Na U Gawaenge
Rooth Jaenge Tere Saare Dost

Kabhi Loveleen Ko Na Sang Apne Paenge
Kar Shak Na Humpe Itna Tu

Hum Roothe To Rab Bhi Na Mana Paenge …

                                    Shayari on friendship

Dosti khubsurat hai

Tum na mano ye haqikat hai.

Dosti insan ki zarurat hai.

Kisi din aao hamari mehfil me,

Jan jaoge zindagi kitni khubsurat hai…


Hindi Friendship SMS for Mobile


 Dosti ka pehala salaam aapke naam,,,,,,,,,,

Hamaari zindagi ki akhari sham aapke naam.

Iss safar main humsafar hain hum dono,,,,,,,,,

Is dosti ko nibhana hain aapka kaam………..


Tum milo na milo koi gam nahi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

SMS karo yeh milne se kam nahi..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dosti me dhoka de woh Hum nahi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hamari Dosti bhi krishn Aur sudama se kam nahi…


Hasee chupaana kisi ko gawara nahi hota,

her musafir jindgi ka sahara nahi hota,

milte hai log is tanha jingi me per,

har koi dost tumsa payara nahi hota..



Mulakaat maut ki mehmaan ho gayi hai…

Nazar ki zindigi sunsaan ho gayi hai….

Ab meri saans bhi meri nahin rahi….

Ye Zindagi aapki dosti par kurbaan ho gayi hai…

Hindi Friendship SMS Messages



 Jo har pal jalti rahe, use roshni kehte hain,,,,,

Jo pal pal chalti rahe, use zindagi kehte hain,

Jo pal pal khilti rahe, use mohabbat kehte hain,

Jo saath na chode, use apni dosti kehte hain…


Na mujhe yaad rakhna,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Na baante yaad rakhna,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Bas Dil ki dili tammana hai,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Bas hamara naam zroor yaad rakhna….


Dua karte hain hum sir jhukae dargaah pe,,,,

Ae dost tu apni manzil ko paye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Teri rahon me ho kaanten agr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

To un kaanto ko hataane ke liye khuda hame bulaaye…





Aapki yaari Aapki wafa hi kafi hai,

Tamam umar ye aasra hi kafi hai,

Jahan milo dekh ke muskura dena,

Jene ke waste ye aasra hi kafi hai….


Shama se ujaale dhor ho jaate,

To chand ki chahat kise hoti?

Kat sakati akele ye zindagi,,,,,,

To dosti ki saughaat kyon hoti ?

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Apne Dil Mein Tumhare Pyar Ki Dastaan Likhi Hai

Na Thodi Na Bahut Tamaam Likhi Hai

Kabhi Humaare Liye Bhi Dua Kar Liya Karo

Kyon Ki Humne Apni Har Ik Saans Tumhare Naam Likhi Hai


pyar ka rang holi se bhi gehra hota hai

do pyar karne walon ka joda sabse nyara hota hai

jo pyar ka dhaga ek baar toot jaye

to unka dubara judna namumkin hota hai


Ishq koi cheez nahi dil parchaan di

ishq ta kala hai dil lgaan di

ishq da soda kade keeta nahi janda

eh oh jaam hai jo peeta nahi janda

ki samjhava main oos bedard nu

ishq ho janda hai kade keeta nahi janda


Har Koi jo keh sake ye wo ehsas nahi

Pyaar karte hain apse iska aur koi naam nahi

Mumkin hai baatein hamari alag ho zamane se

Khayal apka hai unme is baat se hame inkaar nahi


Choti Si Dosti,

Anjaani Mulakaatein;

Pal Bhar Mein Khatam Hote Din,

Khayalon Mein Doobi Lambi Raatein;

Yahin Se Shuru Hota Hai Pyaar, Hai Na..??


Anjaan Hai, Anjaan Hi Rahne Do

Kisi Ki Yaado Me Pal Pal Yun Hi Marne Do

Kyoun Badnaam Karte Ho Humara Naam Leke

Ab Toh Iss Naam Ko Benaam Hi Rahne Do


Jiski Yaad Me Sare Jahan Ko Bhul Gaye

Suna Hai Aajkal Vo Humara Naam Tak Bhul Gaye

Kasam Khai Thi Jisne Sath Nibhane Ki Yaaro

Aaj Wo Humari Lash Par Aana Bhul Gaye


Likhne se Pehle salam karte hai

Dard-e-dil se paigam karte hai

Ye mat samajhna ki hum bhul gaye hai tumhe

Yaad to tumhe hum subha-sham karte hai


Na hum khafa hen tum se meri jaan

Na koi faryad karte hai

Hum Sms bheje ya na bheje

Ye jan lo tum Hum tumhen har pal YAAD karte hai


Ek shamma andhere mein jalaye rakhna,

Subha hone ko hai mauhaul banaye rakhna,

Kaun jane wo kiss gali se guzre,

Har gali ko phoolo se sajaye rakhna!

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 SMS Shayari in Hindi
 Aapki yad na aaye to hum bewafa,
Aap bulao aur na aaye to hum bewafa,

Hume maarne ke liye khanjar ki zarurat nahi,

Ek baar nazar fer lo, na mar jaye to hum bewafa.


har raat ke chand par hai noor apse.

Har subha ki oas ko hai guroor apse.

hum kehna to nahi chahte par mar jayenge reh kar door apse


Hosley buland kar raaston par chal de,

Tujhe tera mukaam mil jayega,

Akela tu pehel kar,

Kaafila khud bann jayega,


Suna dosti ke panno se bhari kitab ho tum

risto ke phoolo main gulab ho tum

kuch log kehte hain ke dost sachhe nahi hote

un logo ke savalo ka jawab ho tum.


Ek kasak dil mein dabi reh gayi,

Zindagi mein unki kami reh gayi,

Itni ulfat k baad b vo mujhe na mile..

Shayad meri mohabbat mein hi kuch kami reh gayi..


Jaan se bhi zyada unhe pyar kiya karte the,

yaad unhe din rat kiya karte the,

ab un raho se guzra nahi jata,

jaha baith kar unka intezaar kiya karte the.!


Chandni se chamakti is raat mein,

ek khushboo si hai har baat mein,

hai sitaare mere kadmo ke tale,

Ek ehsaas hai aaj unki har aahat mein,

paas aake bhi kyu hein duriya,

koi pyasa hein kyu barsat mein.


Nazar Ko Badlo To Nazare Badal Jate Hai,

Soch Ko Badlo To sitare Badal Jate Hai,

Kashtiya Badal ne ki jarurat nahi,

Disha Ko Badlo to Kinare Khud-b-Khud badal jate hai.


Kuch loog bhool kar bhe bhulaey nahi jatay,

Aetibaar itna k azmaey nahi jatay,

ho jatay hain dilon pe kuch is tarhan musalat,

Kay naksh un k,dil se mitaey nahi jatay.


Yoon to paththar na maro pani me isse bhi koi pita hoga.

Yoon to paththar na maro pani me isse bhi koi pita hoga.

Zindagi mili hai jeene ke liye,usse haske jeeo,

Ke aapko dekh kar bhi koi MUSKURATA hoga…..


Subh ka har pal Zindagi de aapko,

Din ka har Lamha Khushi de aapko,

Jahan gum ki hawa chu ke bhi na gujare,

Khuda woh Jannat si Zamin de Aapko.

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