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May 30, 2011

Top 5 Single Page Website Designs

Single page website designs are certainly not as common as traditional multi-page websites. The number and acceptability of single page websites, however, is constantly growing.

Creative single page designs provide people an excellent avenue to build imaginative personal websites and portfolios. Even big corporates can create a positive impact on their audience by using these ideas.

For designers, these websites afford a new opportunity to showcase their creativity and prove their mettle. If you have an imagination, you should not be deterred by those who believe that a single page does not offer enough information and interactivity and hence is not a suitable medium for a site with substance.

Take a look at the following single page web design examples, put on your creative cap, and show the world your own talents – of course, just on a single page!

1. We Shoot Bottles :-

2. Sursly :-

3. Digital Hands :-

4. Dave :-

5. Make Some Noise :-

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