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May 11, 2011

How to Open new AdSense Account After Getting Banned

Here’s what you must do to get a new account:

Follow Below Steps To Make A new Adsense Account :-

  • Removed Google Analytics from all sites (I believe they track this to a degree).
  • Removed websites from Google Webmaster Tools (just in case).
  • Make sure all outgoing links on banned domains do not point to new domains (I believe they track this to a degree).
  • New or slight variation in name. (required)
  • New address. (required)
  • Created an LLC business for a new EIN. (required)
  • New domain. (required)
  • New email. (required)
  • New business bank account. (required)
  • New IP (cycled modem before applying).

From what I’ve studied across many posts online, they track all the above.
Doing the above guarantees they will not be able to “connect” the new account with the old one and ban you upon reaching the payout threshold.

Yes, creating a business for an EIN costs around $100, but if you’re using Adsense wisely, the cost is minor compared to the payouts you’ll be receiving. It’s a business investment, after all. Business accounts at WAMU are free and Bank of America biz accts are free if you make at least one Checkcard purchase.

And you can never put Adsense back on a domain that was banned previously.

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