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May 14, 2011

Ragini MMS Hits In Theatres

In the movie, cameras which were meant to capture love-making between the couple, witness something that is beyond the realm of human understanding Ragini MMS hits theatresEkta Kapoor's sex-horror film Ragini MMS has opened to a huge critical reception. The film that look terrifyingly real would be able to connect with the viewers as it amalgamates components of horror, paranormal and sex seamlessly, say critics.

Says Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama, Like Love Sex aur Dhokha, Ragini MMS has been shot as if in real time, in an unconventional way. The film is voyeuristic in nature. It's like watching the footage on a handy cam and getting those thrills. 

After making a bold statement with Love, Sex and Dhokha and Shor in the City, Ekta Kapoor is back with another sex flick Ragini MMS. Interestingly it

But, of course, not all of Ragini MMS is sex and scandal. There's a 'third person' watching the act as well, plus there's a story behind this haunted mansion. However, it's terrifying enough to make you jump on your seat. Let me call it a creepy, spine-chilling date movie!"

Ragini MMS was shot both in Telugu and Hindi at the same time. Ragini MMS hits theatres

The film is not flawless though. Says Rediff, "The imperfections of the film lie in the overpowering background tone, which tries to over dramatize the horror. It reflects fluctuating buoyancy on part of the makers, as if the white-lady has a complex of not being able to solely evoke fear. Also, conspicuous is the need for a close-fitting editing."

But the performances make up for the lapses. Says Nikhat Kazmi, The Times of India, "The horror does work in places, although the persistent dim light and the grainy video effect tend to get a bit irksome. But the realistic performances by the lead pair more than make up for the lapses."

Some feel that the movie would connect with "those young enough to be scared by the chills and desperate enough to find the sex titillating."

Says, Kaveree Bamzai, India Today, "Surely the film will have an audience among those young enough to be scared by the chills and desperate enough to find the sex titillating. But I guess I just wasn't scared enough. 

Maybe I've just been watching too many Ram Gopal Varma movies that have been worse. Far worse. And young Raj Kumar, you really have to stop meeting us like this. Try a movie without a sex scene that is being recorded on camera next time.

[via HT]

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