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Apr 30, 2011

Motorola Atrix 4G HSUPA Update Rolling Out Now

Reports of the long-awaited update are beginning to surface from Motorola Atrix 4G users. This update reportedly adds HSUPA capabilities to the allegedly "4G-crippled" Atrix
If you've got an Atrix, watch for update version 4.1.83 to be pushed to your smartphone over the next week or so, starting today. This update should include: 

  • Data Speed Increased: speed at which data can travel on the network.
  •  Data Connection Improvements to prevent interruptions to data connection.
  •  Screen Improvements to prevent screen from freezing.
  •  Email Improved :- ability for users to receive email notifications so you know when you have a new message.
  •  Logins :- you are now able to use the same email login to access both MOTOBLUR™ and YouTube.
  •  Skype Improvements :- to call audio function so it is easier for the person you called to hear you.
  •  Wi-Fi :- Increased functionality by enabling Yahoo Email to be sent over a Wi-Fi connection.
  •  Display Improved :- International Roaming warning message by simplifying user notification so that it only appears on the screen when you move to a new network.
  •  Happenings Widget :- Improved Happenings Widget to ensure that you receive the latest updates across the social networks you are connected to such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.
  •  Calling Improvements :- were made to incoming and outgoing call functionality to ensure a more seamless experience. 

Let us know in the comments when you get your update, what your impression of the update process is, and what upload speeds you're getting after the update. 

Source :- Pocketnow

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