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May 7, 2011

10 Tips to Optimize Blog Posts to Get More Comments

Comments are the main intermediators building relationships between the author and reader.

More comments to our blog shows the quality of article and the participation of the readers.Comments are one of the major attraction for the advertisers to offer pay per post reviews on our blog too.

Here we gonna discuss some of the tips to optimize our blog posts:

1.Everybody knows Content is the King, if we have quality and interesting post then readers are willing to write comments about the post.

2.Way of presentation :-

Its one of the important fact that the post should be clear for readers to easily navigate inside the post. 

  • Highlight the important keywords in your article.
  • Don’t write as paragraphs,rather than divide them into points to make readers easily understand.
  • Don’t enclose bunch of links inside your post that will irritate readers and will take them to another page which they aren’t looking for.
  • Try to write very important points inside the quotation.
  • Don’t write content out of the box(title).Try to write content only related to the topic of the post. 
  • Don’t try to promote bunch of affiliate links inside the posts.

3.  Ask a question :-

At the end of the post which will make eagerness to the reader to make a comment on your post.

4. Most of the bloggers are writing only “list of websites” often in their blogs.I would prefer to say "Blogs are the source of information" and not just for “bulk of links”.

If you just order a list of links and then post it in your blog,then what’s the point ?.The reader has no option to write any comments rather than saying”wonderful post” or “Thanks for sharing “.There is nothing to discuss anything about the post.

5. Add a dofollow badge at the end of the blog post.Making our blog from no follow to do follow let spammers to make spam but making our blog do follow encourage our visitors to leave comment on our blog  posts as because they are getting some link juice from our blog for better SERP’s.

6. Compare your blog posts.Do a small research between the post you got more comments and the post you got no or less comments.

7. Involve in conversation with your commentators by replying to their comments.

8. Try to approve negative comments too as it helps to try to avoid those kinds of mistakes in upcoming posts and as well as attract readers to reply those comments.

9. Reward your top commentator in the upcoming post encouraging them to make more comments.

10. Your subscribers and your regular readers only will know about how kind a quality blogger you are. The traffic you get from search engines ,those people don’t know about you.If u have a good number of comments they will too comment in your post.

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