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May 7, 2011

The Power of Word of Mouth

Whenever you start actively promoting yourself in what ever you do this is the first place you should start.
Often times the people you know right now are and will continue to be the biggest promotional tool you have. The exercises she goes through in this post are great for getting an understanding of your positioning and how other people see you.

Words That Describe You :-

You have to go in depth about an exercise called the “word garden”. These are words that people use to describe you.
Exploring and finding these words are a great follow up to the first exercise. Going through this exercise you might find that the words you use to describe what do are not used by the people that know you well.

How to Put This Into Action :-

We do a similar exercise with people we work with. It usually starts with helping people define who their perfect client, prospect, or customer is. Our next question we ask is what their biggest need or pain? Does your product, service, or you solve this problem or pain?
Often times people find that what they are selling or portraying that they sell is really not what their target market wants or needs.

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