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May 31, 2011

What Is an Angry Bird and Why Is It So Called ?

What is this thing called Angry Birds? Who is interested in this game called Angry Birds? Why are all of these people playing this game? Who, what why all wrapped up in one game; Angry Birds.

How many people do you know who play this game? How many times have you seen someone playing this game on a bus, train, plane or subway. Some even have carpool competitions. What is this game and why do people play?

I guess as I have just found out that Angry Birds is a game where you slingshot different colored birds at pigs. The pigs have stolen the birds eggs and now they are out for revenge. The more you destroy the pigs fortress the higher the score. There are even different levels you can achieve.

Some of these birds have special powers. You could be surprised when your bird is blowing up on a target. A different one increases its speed with a screen touch. Their formations can change when they near the target. I get so confused, but that comes with age.

So guess who is now one of those people who play Angry Birds? Ok so it is me, never thought I would have given in and become a fan. Yes I have completely fallen for this game as it is addictive. I have to admit I am hooked. 

So feel free to take your place among the many players of Angry Birds. Do not be ashamed go forward and smack those pigs, tear down their forts and aim true to win. Feel free to look over someone's shoulder to find new ways to complete your mission, of course ask first or they may take offense.

There are many ways to extend your game time, you can play on your phone and now on your PC, Laptop or even a Netbook or now a Tablet. So many ways to enhance your play, now even with plush toy Angry Birds and Piglets. Go ahead play and enjoy and smack those Pigs.

I have reviewed a lot of Online and Cell Phone games and have found one anyone can enjoy. I have seen people playing in elevators, in car pools and almost everywhere. 

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