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Jun 24, 2011

If You Feel For It, Do It

Whatever you feel for you, you have to do that. It make you feel better, give you a feel of small work done by you. Never hesitate in doing which you want to do without thinking about anyone else but having the right work not doing anything illegal or bad.Look at Anna Hazare. When he felt strongly that corruption was eating into India's achievements , he came  to Delhi and started a Satyagraha. Moved by the plight of Indigo-growers in Bihar's Champaran district Gandhi went there.

In order to feel what the Bengali poor were feeling, Albanian Agnes learnt the Bangla language and started wearing a sari. For her years of work on Calcutta streets, she became known as Mother Teresa.

In contrast, Gandhari instead on guiding her blind husband and son, tied a shred on her eyes  and ignore  their misconduct. For the Mahabharata war in which her 100 sons died, she put the blame on others.

Her angry gazed charred  Yudhisthira's toe nail and she cursed that Krishna's clan would  be decimated.

Don't be just fret and fume. The proof of the feeling is in doing!

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