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Jun 28, 2011

What Skills Do An IT Recruiters Want in A Candidate

We think that there are no jobs in market, but reality is something else. Students which are passed out from Indian colleges like from Engg, MBA's, Science Graduates etc.  don't have the required skills which recruiters want.
I also want to know the answer of these questions what skills they want. Why we are not capable of getting job immediately after passing out from college.

After doing so much of research and meeting with the employees of big companies like Infosys, Google, Microsoft, Wipro, Hcl, Hp and  so many companies out there, I am able get the answer of  these questions we wants.

While all interviews require prior preparation, a technical interview calls for additional efforts to ensure that you secure the IT job that is right for your expertise, know-how and experience.

What are some core areas that interviewesrs look at closely so as to determine a candidate’s alignment for a role, and where do candidates commonly lose marks in the interview selection process? Some IT recruitment experts lend their views on how some key qualities help them distinguish the right candidate from the remaining applicants.

  • A Problem Solver, Not Theoretical Expert

Candidates brush up the fundamentals in the specific language or programme, but hiring managers of today look beyond a candidate’s ability to merely remember the specifics of a programme or language; rather assessment questions are designed to test the candidate’s ability to come up with practical solutions to troubleshoots and follow the most effective methodology
For example, it is routine to be given a coding problem to solve. “A written test and group discussion are elimination rounds for interviews for most IT organisations. Tests have sections that address a candidate’s comprehension, analytical and numerical abilities.

  • A Strong Communicator of Skills listed in the Resume

Very often, candidates fail to clear interviews due to inaccurate or incorrect information provided in their resumes. Interview panel focuses on key traits and behaviour, which a candidate must demonstrate to succeed in the position being interviewed for. Sometimes, candidates end up discussing about areas in which they have little knowledge and experience. Too much of self-talk can also be seen as a negative attribute if the role needs a good team player.

  • A Well Prepared Candidate

Another mistake that can affect a candidate’s chances is being unprepared with questions for the interviewer and also answers to questions interviewer might ask to gauge his/her keenness for the role. 

Recruiters, in fact, expect applicants to carry out research on both the role and the company applied to. “Most of the times, a candidate has sufficient time to prepare for an interview.Having a fair idea about the competitors, business, etc is very important. It also shows to the interviewer that one has taken time out to prepare for the interview. Researching a prospective employer gives candidate sufficient inputs about the organisation’s culture, vision and employee expectations. Besides, it demonstrates to the employer that the candidate is genuinely interested in working for the company.

"It has become a norm wherein both the candidate and the organisation conduct a detailed research as one inappropriate selection will cost both. It enables both the candidate and the company to understand the fitment, not only in terms of expertise, but also in addressing issues like that of cultural alignment.

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