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Jun 2, 2011

Students Cannot Study Without Using Some Form of Technology

Digital technology has changed the world around us and we see it in our daily lives, at home, at office and any place we move around. Among the many, youngsters are the first to get influenced by it. A survey by etextbook seller CourseSmart and Wakefield Research revealed that many college students are dependent on digital technology in colleges and in their classrooms.

The survey was conducted on about 500 American college students where about 73 percent of them said that they could not study with without some form of technology and 38 percent of the student said that they could not be without some form of technology for more than 10 minutes.

The study also revealed that most of the students used technology to learn and used it for their research papers about 82 percent. 70 percent of the students said they prefer using a keyboard when taking down notes and 65 percent of then said that they use digital devices to do presentations in their colleges. 

The digital world does not stop here, about 91 percent said that they use technology to get in touch with their teachers.

Another update was off the 98 percent students who used digital gadgets, nearly half of them read etextbooks. 63 percent had read an etextbook on their device at least once, and the majority of the survey group agreed that etextbooks are easier to carry, simpler to search, cheaper and better than traditional textbooks for reading on-the-go.

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