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Jul 1, 2011

Best 5 Notebook Styles By Professions, Which You Select

Notebook SmackDown :- Here's a list of our favourite notebooks that make an impression their outstanding features, affordability or rock star looks. Which one of you select between below notebooks by look, profession, feature or price.

  • Top of the Pack :-

    What :-
    Apple Macbook Pro 13in
    Features :-  Looks beautiful, works beautifully - the tagline assigned to Macbook Pro describes why this notebook is on top of our list. Whether you are in windows camp or Mac, this is the notebook everyone wants. The Macbook Pro comes with high-end processor, high resolution display, FaceTime HD camera, Long Battery life and dazzling performance.
    Price :- Rs. 69,900/-
     Apple Macbook Pro 13in

  • Best For Business Users :-

    What :-
    Lenovo Thinkpad X201
    Features:- There are many fans of Thinkpad's old school looks and red track point, but there is nothing old about its features. Rock solid chasis, comfortable keyboard, fast core i5 processor, security features that your office IT helpdesk would love and epic battery life that will last an entire flight from Mumbai to London.
    Price :- Starts At Rs. 61,650.
Lenovo Thinkpad X201

  • Eye Catching Notebook :-

    What :- Tulip Ego
    Features :- Dutch company Ego- lifestyles latest high end luxury laptop, the Tulip Ego, comes with built in chrome handles, rounded curves and changeable skins are oh-so chic. And just like your favourite designer  handbag, they don't come cheap.
    Price :- The signature model starts at Rs. 2,24,050 and the limited edition models range in price from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 22,41,500.
Tulip Ego

  • All purpose notebook :-

    What :- Sony Vaio
    Features :- Sony's Vaio EA series may not be the cheapest all purpose notebook range, but the eye catching design bright LED backlit display, powerful features, including Intel's core-i5 processor and the Vaio Logo are worth the price.
    Price :- Start at Rs. 42,990
Sony Vaio 

  •  Best For Students :-

    What :- Aspire One D255
    Features :-
    If you are a student buying a notebook, you would probably value low prices and portability above the other features. A note book that can be tossed in the backback , has goof battery life to last long, but is  powerful enough to meet your needs. It offers dual booting (Android + Windows) and optional 3G connectivity.
    Price :- Starts at Rs 17,999.
Aspire One D255

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