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Jul 17, 2011

Top 5 New Gamuts of Educational Courses:-

New generation is on a look out for a revamp on a educational bases. Gone are the days, when they were interested in traditional courses like Engineering, MBA, MBBS, CA, Teaching or others. Now they want to get education in new streams, which make them work enjoy and knowledge.

A huge job market has already been opened for courses which provide to needs for doing something new. After giving their board exams of 10+2 and getting good results, now they have an opportunity as well as problem to choose better career option. Here are Top 5 New Gamuts of Educational Courses which are popular among young Gen and creating more no. of jobs than other courses.

  1. ­­­­­Web Journalism :-
Journalism in type of career in: Print, Electronics or web is always a promising career. Because of dot com boom in late 90’s Web journalism has picked up a career option in country between young Gen-X. People like to read news on web rather than in newspapers nowadays if they have a mobile phone with 3G services enabled. 

Web journalism has a bunch of jobs available if you have the passion of writing for the blogs. All big newspapers have the web news page which is opportunity of writing for their blogs pages.

  1. Game Developer :-
As Gaming industry in India has increasing very fastly because of interest of young and aged persons between games. Gaming industry in India is around 10,000 crores per year. In this big industry of Gaming, if you have the passion of playing and making games then this would be the better career option for you. 

After doing 10+2 you just have to enroll into the gaming software and designing courses to make career in this big bucks industry.
  1. Fitness Trainers :-
Fitness a new world of business nowadays is getting big jobs for uneducated persons not have higher degrees. Going for Gym is no more considered a bad habit, but it increases your life style. An aged person to young boy everyone nowadays wants to look stylish and fit. 

This is become the necessity of today’s youth to go to Gym to keep them fit. Gym instructors are in demand because of opening of new Gym in small cities as well. Even Bollywood stars, Cricketers or Big celebrities hire an instructor for them as Fitness Trainer. Some universities like CCSU-Meerut offer courses in Physical Education field.

  1. NGO Management :-
In todays time every big organization get in social life to improve people life. They have department of social welfare in which there can be an opportunity to manage their social departments. Either it is a social organization or non government organization (NGO). NGO management involves devising of strategies, project planning, networking and control of financial matters. 

For enrolling into this course first you have to do a Bachelors Degree than you can get into it. After completing your course in NGO management you can make a good career in UNO, WHO and other National & International social organizations.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR):-
IPR comprises of patents, copyrights, trademarks and designs. Individual or companies make creations to protect them from misuse IPR helps them getting things protected. These are protected by IPR laws

These are dedicated law firms which specialize in it and protect it from being misused. A course like IPR attorneys are employed by government few years back. The earnings, post and course are quite lucrative.

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