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Aug 23, 2011

Good Girls Don't go to Bars

We all live in a hypocritical society, a society where we talk of equality of both sexes but in actual it does not exist.
A woman has been judged on how she conducts herself and if she does not comply with the basic set of norms, she is looked down upon and branded with names by our very own ‘society’. However, whatever a man does, it is considered justifiable. 

In fact, our society is such that it will first point fingers at the character of the rape victim and then will take action against the rapist.

To give you a precise picture of this hypocritical society, let’s recall the Mangalore pub 
incident dated January 24, 2009.
A fanatical right-wing group, Sri Rama Sena, notorious for creating communal tensions and moral policing, attacked girls in a pub in Mangalore. Some 40 activists of the group forced into the pub Amnesia — The Lounge and beat up young women and men, claiming the women were violating traditional Indian values by drinking alcohol and going to pubs.

The founder of this group, Pramod Muthalik said, "Whoever has done this has done a good job. Girls going to pubs is not acceptable. So, whatever the Sena members did was right.”

Another founding member, Pravin Valke told a leading national daily, "These girls come from all over India, drink, smoke, and walk around in the night spoiling the traditional girls of Mangalore. Why should girls go to pubs? 

Are they going to serve their future husbands alcohol? Should they not be learning to make chapattis? Bars and pubs should be for men only. We wanted to ensure that all women in Mangalore are home by 7 p.m."

Why should girls go to pubs? In reply to his question and others who think the same, we ask you why girls can’t go to pubs. The issue is not about glorifying lady smokers and prompting girls to smoke and drink. We all know that drinking and smoking is injurious to health. And both males and females have to bear its ill effects. Then, why do only females have to earn social rebuke? But if a man smokes or drinks, it is acceptable to the society.

If a woman is seen puffing a cigarette, the prying eyes of onlookers would view her as if she is a wax statue from Madame Tussauds’ wax museum put up just for them to ogle. They would pass lewd comments and typecast her as “not a good girl.” 

As per the definition of our society, a good girl is one who is calm, simple, doesn't laugh out loud, speaks meekly and doesn’t even make eye contact while talking to elders, knows all the household chores and lives a life as dictated by their parents and husband. 

We really salute these women! But, what’s wrong if a woman wants to drink, smoke and wear short dresses? If everything is done within limit, then why do you need to care when you don’t mind a guy doing so? Isn’t he a bad boy too? C’mon, stop judging and let them live their own life!


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