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Aug 23, 2011

Rahul Dravid Average Score 77 and Rest Of Indian Team 27

Rahul Dravid known as "The Wall of India " has proved it that he is the only one who can stand alone in any conditions with his team can't.

He is the only player in this series From India side who make feel that India can still level the series with 2-2. But his all expectations from rest of his teammates vanished like written text on  a beach.

Rahul Dravid was the lone warrior in an absolutely forgettable test series for India. Like Gavaskar said, it was a case of abject surrender. Well, we aren’t saying this. The statistics do not lie. Take a look at our report card for Team India from the test series and you’ll know why Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team didn’t play to win, but played to lose.

Rahul Dravid proves his excellence again. Indian selection team made a mistake by removing dravid's name from the one day and T20 squad. If rahul is not capable of  playing one-day internationals and T20s then Why RCB and RR chooses him.

He playes various valuable innings there.If selection committee gives him the opputunities as it has given to Sachin definitely Dravid will become the master.Master will come in his desired place to bat.But Rahul will come at the team's desired place to bat.

Mahinder Singh Dhoni as Captain ,has won  every concievable trophy and honour in Modern World Crciket and yet the fickle minded Indian cricket fan/ critic is asking for his removal as captain of India. BCCI is the main reason behind India's poor performance in the series just concluded. 

India had to play two test series away from home with 7 gruelling tests to play besides 20-20 and 10 one day matches. But BCCI as always did not arrange any practice 3/4 day matches either in West Indies or England. No other country in world criket has had such a gruelling itenary in Test Cricket today .

England played two comfortable test series at home on their doctored pitches and won comfortably because of that .Anyway when England comes to India later ,we should give them a sound tharshing on our spinner friendly slow wickets and then let us see this so called formidable England line up. 

MSD I am sure you and your Devils will regain India's glory .Best of luck for the forthcoming 20-20 and one day series .Show the BRITS our true CLASS.

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