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May 24, 2011

10 Advanced Tips and Tricks For Twitter

Advanced Twitter TipsAs a part of our mission, we aim to make use of our tweeting experience by bringing you tips that may help you get more attention, engagement, clicks, replies, and new followers.

Therefore, we invite you to enjoy this great list of 10 advanced Twitter tips and tricks:
1. Search for Yourself: Twitter has an API call limit of 150 calls an hour. Every time your Twitter client searches for replies, DMs, or tweets, it wastes a call. Use a search for your own name instead of a replies column in your Twitter client, thus saving APIs and getting the same result!(The only downside is that people with protected updates won’t show up).

2. Use Friendfeed: Friendfeed is a very good resource for searching for old tweets. Twitter Search only goes back a few weeks, but Friendfeed allows you to find any old tweet.

3. Use Groups: Even when you are following a large number of tweeps, you really pay close attention to only a sum of their tweets. By creating groups in your Twitter client, you have a column with those tweets that really count!

4. Don’t Use & in Your Twitter Profile: For some reason, the “&” symbol doesn’t get along well with Twitter and won’t be displayed properly.

5. 125 is the new 140: Although you can now tweet more than 140 characters, the whole purpose of Twitter is the short messages. Shorten your tweets to 125 (or shorter if you can) to encourage easy retweets and added comments.

6. Time Matters: Search your subject on Google and click “Realtime” from the left hand column. Take a look at when people discuss your topic most on Twitter.

7. Discover Your Worth: Check out your Twitter score on Twitter Grader to see how you rank amongst other Tweeters.  You can check  your Klout score as well.

8. Find Tweeps Near You with Similar Interests. Take advantage of the Places options in the advanced Twitter search interface to filter tweets to a certain area.

9. Tweet Completely: Not everyone is reading all your tweets in a row. A single tweet can show via, in a Google Alert, etc. If your tweet relies on a previous tweet for context, it won’t make sense.

10. Position Your Links: Sometimes it makes sense to not run a link at the end of the tweet. More people may click on it if it’s in the middle or at the beginning- partly because it looks different, so it draws the eye.

Hope you enjoyed our tips.
Looking forward to your insights, feedback or questions in the comment section below :)

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