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May 24, 2011

10 Types of Twitter Users: Which Type Do You Are?

Are Twitter users all the same to us or do they have different types of Twitter followers, regardless of their numbers and reasons for being on Twitter? What are the main types of Twitter users and what are their distinctive characteristics?

Check out this list of 10 Types of Twitter Users (organized from not annoying to very annoying!):

1. The Just Promoters (the most annoying Twitter users!): Those users who don’t understand that although we want to know about your new products and services, we don’t want your every tweet to be about them!

2. The Stars: Every tweep who has thousands of followers to following ratio and probably hire a PR agency to take care of their tweets and rare retweets. I’m sure they barely remember a maximum number of 10 of their followers’ names or the messages they supposedly send to them!

3. The Thoughtless Linkers: These are the Twitter users who spread numerous links which do not add value to their followers and even more cause others to unfollow them.

4. The Music Lovers: Mostly those tweeps who mainly tweet what song they are listening to and link to it without talking about anything else.

5. The Wage-Earners: I think this category embraces a large number of Twitter users since it encompasses those employees who work as social media agents tweeting and retweeting about their company, service or brand while trying hard not to seem intrusive.

6. The Humble Artists: Tweeps who have certain talents they are trying to promote through Twitter. Most of these put an effort to meeting new people and tweeting and retweeting different valuable content to them while spreading their talent.

7. The Seductors: Mainly female tweeps who use their looks and minimum body coverage to attract more followers.

8. The Do-Gooders: Tweeps who put so much effort to provide their followers with valuable information, tips and advice through sharing content and links they find and retweeting valuable tweets.

9. The Thankful Darlings: Tweeps who focus many of their tweets and retweets around giving love and spreading smiles and thank you’s to their followers.

10. The Conversationalists: These tweeps will ask questions regarding different topics of interest to them, and to others, and based on the retweets they get, they will start valuable discussions with their followers.

Which category would you include yourself in? And which do you find to be the most annoying of all?
Looking forward to your comments down below :)

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