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Jul 17, 2011

Facebook Video calling By Skype

Facebook video calling , powered by Skype is the latest social-networking venture to meet the competition in the internet world. With its video calling feature, Facebook says its 750 million users can make video calls on the site.

The feature will be powered by the Internet phone service Skype . Facebook also redesigned its chat feature, so that the people a user messages the most often show up first.

It is free to use, but unlike Google's latest social networking venture, Google+, group video chatting is not available. Facebook plans to add a group chat option in near future.

To make video calls, Facebook users with webcam-equipped computers have to select the friends they want to chat with. In the chat window that pops up, clicking on a small blue video icon brings up the video chat feature. 

Currently there is no option to video chat more than one person. That feature is available on Google Plus, a social service that Google began testing last week with a small number of invited users.


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