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Jul 17, 2011

How To Prepare For A Telephonic Interview ?

Telephonic interview has emerged as a popular way to conduct the preliminary round during the interview process. Read these tips to make your telephonic interview a success.

Telephonic interview implies responding to recruiters queries through phone. It is an effective method to measure a person’s communication and listening skills.The process can be automated or non-automated. 

An automated telephonic interview involves answering a series of standard questions and in a non-automated telephonic interview, there is a direct contact with the recruiter.

A telephonic interview can happen in three circumstances:

·         When you initiate a call to the recruiter and they show interest. The call from thereon is an interview.

·         A company calls you based upon a previous contact.

·         You have a designated time to talk to a company's representative.

How can you make telephonic interview successful?

Prepare well

·         Never jump to take an unexpcted and unplanned call. Excuse yourself and ask them to reschedule the call.

·         Keep your resume handy.

·         Rehearse answers related to your accomplishments as it is a commonly asked question and a good way to impress the recruiters.

·         Keep your research material ready to act as reference point. 

·         Stay ready to take notes.

·         Ward off anything and everything in the room that can distract.

·         Keep yourself calm in body and mind.

·         Make sure you need no break during the water, not even for getting a glass of water ot attending to nature's call.

·         Turn off call waiting on your phone, warm up your voice while waiting for the call, have a glass of    water handy, turn off your stereo, TV and any other possible interruption.

·         Finally, be ready with the answers to the basic questions and to rehearse them in front of the mirror to gain confidence.

Perform well:-

·         Listening skill is a crucial component during the interview process. Comprehend the questions well and give to the point answers.

·         Avoid talking in between and let the recruiter complete his thought or question before you speak.

·         It is important to speak at a slow pace and be clear so that the interviewer can understand what you are saying.

·         Do not use unprofessional language and sound courteous and polite. Thank the interviewer once the interview process is complete.

Most importantly keep your tone pleasant as most interviewers are experienced and can easily judge the comfort level of the candidate, so it is important to smile and stay relaxed. Give your best during the telephonic interview as it will pave the way for further interactions.

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