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Jul 17, 2011

How To Connect Privately With Your Friends or Colleagues?

Do You want to interact with your friends or office colleagues in private social network, with same ease as provided by social networking sites like twitter, them Yammer could be the answer for you:

Connecting privately with your colleagues or friends definitely gives you a sense of satisfaction. There are so many networks for connecting with friends in private like Twitter or Facebook. It doesn’t need any introduction about Twitter. Twitter is the first and most popular site site out there. Twitter is a consumer product open for everyone to try out.

Yammer is an enterprise social networking cum microblogging tool. For using Yammer you should have registered official account with company domain. Once you logged in Yammer automatically creates a group with reference to your company  domain. If any user accessing the Yammer with same domain, will be entered to the group by default.

The site can be accessed by using a browser. Also, there are options through a Desktop or mobile client using Yammer. It’s available for multiple platform like Windows, Mac, Android and Blackberry, iPhone, SMS, Twitter, IM, SharePoint integration is also facilitated. 

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