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Jul 17, 2011

IPTV Coming Soon For Your Mobile:

IPTV was launched in India in 2006 by MTNL in few major cities of India.  However, it really don’t take up in India due to competition with DTH  services at same time . Most of us know that IPTV services need a dedicated broadband line with 4MB/s speed is required.

So thinking about IPTV services on mobile phone , when 3G is arrived , is worth it. UT-Starcom  already has its Mobile IPTV  services up and running , they are in testing phase of the application. UT-Starcom  provides the hardware for various IPTV operators, hence it wasn’t surprise that they are working on mobile IPTV.

To display the IPTV service, UT-Starcom  had setup the IPTV service on a TV, Laptop and a couple of handsets. The TV had the best display with zero delay, but the performance of an IPTV service running on mobile through a standard GPRS connection was amazing . 

The Phone requires Real Player, & that’s it, the mobile IPTV service can be accessed without any hassles. Currently the client is available for Windows Mobile , Symbian & certain other mobile phones that comes Real player installed. There are no clients for iPhone and Blackberry platform.

Problems With IPTV:

*      The trouble with IPTV  running on your phone is same as with any other video sreaming.
*      It consumes your phone battery at slightly faster than normal as both your display and network are constantly used.
*      Secondly, unless there is a specific data plan by the operator for the IPTV  service, the streaming of data on a normal GPRS data package would not be a feasible solution.

UT-Starcom  is in talks with various telecom providers for the service to be launched and we should see a technology roll out in coming months.

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